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PRSP History

PRSP stand for (PIPOS Rehabilitation service programme) Peshawar previously known as PIPOS Patient Care Center came into existence in 1996. PIPOS is committed to high quality patient services with a good patient care protocol for the entire treatment process of prosthetics and orthotics on the minimum acceptable international standards recognized by the WHO and ISPO. For this purpose PIPOS has established a PIPOS Rehabilitation Services Program which has been actively involved in October 05 earthquake and successfully established 05 rehab centers in the KP and Kashmir. PIPOS has been declared the prime institute in the field of prosthetics and orthotics from the ERRA. Presently PRSP is maintaining and looking after One main centre at Peshawar providing all level of rehab services and 07 satellite Centers providing primary level of rehabilitation services one each at Bannu, Bajur, Swat, Sawabi, DIkhan, Khyber and Bunir. Beside these 02 full pledge Mobile Rehab Units are function in the satellite workshop catchments areas to reach the patients in the far flung areas adjacent to the nearest satellite center, creating awareness, castings, repairs, fitting to the patients and follow up.